TCX - The Civilization Exchange
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From living in caves in the Indus River Valley Civilization to flying to space for leisure, Homo Sapiens has evolved faster than ever in the last 5000 years. But, that evolution has resulted in a population explosion from 1 billion to 7.8 billion in a span of just 200 years, and unprecedented challenges like poverty, healthcare, civil wars, climate change are threatening our civilization.

We believe that missionary founders today have the best incentive to solve these problems, resulting in a startup boom all over the world, but the user experience of private markets is broken when compared with the efficiency and user experience of public markets.

Once every few decades, technology waves end up completely reinventing the old.

In this case – it’s called – security tokens – the ability to offer securities directly blockchain cutting all the intermediaries in between allowing a user experience breakthrough in private market trading.

Our experience over the last decade, scaling Startup Jalsa to one of the biggest South Asian startup conferences and having the fortune to help 5000+ stage startups with human and financial capital, we were convinced that access to private markets shouldn’t be this hard. In this world of self-driving cars, this industry is completely manual and offline.

This led us to the most important work of our lives, and we are proud to introduce, TCX. The Civilization Exchange.

Over the last few months, We gathered some of the world’s best legal, financial, and technical minds to successfully build a fully digital controlled auction platform – allowing private markets trading to happen in a few clicks.

Yes, in a few clicks.

Let’s make it easier for founders to change the world? For serendipity: pallav at thecivilization dot earth

It takes a village to raise a child.

We are proud to Introduce, The Civilization.

We are building the financial infrastructure for seed to pre-IPO companies, from scratch, to help them focus on what matters – changing the world and navigate the problems of the 21st century.

Some of the things that we are working on before we officially launch in a few months:

  • Community partnerships with global angel networks in nascent ecosystems to access synergies and learnings from the Indian ecosystem.
  • Special purpose vehicles: help founders get a single link that allows investors to commit and send funds online. No paperwork!
  • Secondary trading platform: help founders and GPs unlock the unrealised value in equities by trading to family offices and angel investors. In one click!

Let’s make changing the world easier?

We love serendipity – so here’s our email: pallav at thecivilization dot earth

The financial infrastructure for these private companies who really want to change the world doesn’t exist. Turnover in private markets is 330x lower than public markets.Therefore, we are proud to Introduce The Civilization.

We are building fully regulated digital infrastructure that will bring down the transaction time from weeks to minutes for private companies – and also make the secondary shares tradable which will significantly increase the attractiveness of the class and also price discovery.

The Civilization is committed to helping create an ecosystem & financial infrastructure to make it easier for founders to access liquidity.